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Hello Everyone! Long time i don't send a new post but i have to indroduce you all the new HullaBalloo Land! Yes, prolly most of you already know that Cute Bytes and Razzberry are now located on HullaBalloo, but it gets never oficially posted on this blog. So let's know the new look of HullaBaloo!

This is Cute Bytes district Center, is this the landing Point. This is a useful place to know in HullaBalloo sice you can find the taxi station that brings you all around the sim! Just touch the sign on to the lampost and choose your destinatin. a new free taxi will comes to bring you up, and you jump in for a max of 6 people! The center is infact a corner, where 3 streets cross: Down to Cute Bytes Street we can find Cute Bytes Store!
On the entrace we have the hall, with all promotions, sales, games, luckies (everything) and news into the 2 big windows. If you feel lost between all stores department in this hall you can find also another taxi station wich will bring you around the store.

Down to the Center we find Fairytale Street and PeekaBoo Street, shrouded in the Wood, with 6 carts available for Rent each one! Go down to the street and reach the bridges!

In the squares you can find wonderful stores where to shop!

Down to Squares, if you look closer, near the WhaterFalls,  you can find a Stepping Stones passing: walk in for reach FairyTale or PeekaBoo Suburb for more stores!

All this lovely architectures lives in armony con the Wizardly CuteBytes Wood! In the middle of this Wood you can have incredible meetings and discovering! Here in our Right we can see a poor Lucky Tree that feel incredible alone! Come to have fun with him!

 All this just in Cute Bytes District!
Go down to HullaBaloo Center and you will arrive to HullaBaloo DIsco Club!
In this Club we host events: if you wish to organize your own event here, just come on to the floor and near the dj pad you will find a sign for all info you need!

And just in the other side of the disco RazzBerry District starts! more amazing stores, products and entertainment!
Come to visit us at HullaBaloo and keep update about news, events and games! ^^


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  1. Bit says:

    the disco is gone!!! Now we have the gazebo wich is the landing point ^^
    I will do a post about it soon ^^

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