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Hi everyone!

It's Nadja here again bringing you the latest from Cute Bytes ^^

A while back, I talked about on my first post about the newest department called "Business Tool". It's for all your business and home needs.

Now, we have 2 new creations! *trumpets sound, applause* ^^

Presenting The Taxi System & Lucky Rewards!

Taxi System
The cute and cool way to go around your sim!

When you arrive at HulaBaloo, you would notice the lamp post with the word "TAXI" written on it. When you click it, you would be given a menu to choose where you want to go, and presto! A taxi arrives to take you there! ^^ Just ride on the taxi and it drives you automatically down to your destination. 

The taxi is a 6 seater, and though it may seem complicated because of the needed settings to configure, it really is very easy.

You can come to HulaBaloo and see for yourself ^^

Lucky Rewards
A Special Valentines Lucky Letter Poster to give out gifts

This is a made for Valentines Lucky Letter Machine.

It is designed to display prizes and show a new letter in the set minutes ^^
It also poofs out particles and plays a special sound when you win, and another sound when you lose.
It may look pretty basic, but it is functional and cute!
And a good thing about it, it can be modified and used all year round!

The Particles, Sounds and Offline pictures are customizable!
Just the perfect business tool for giving out Lucky Rewards!

So come on down to HulaBaloo and get these new amazing tools for your business or home! ^^

Until next time folks!

Pardon the lack of personal pictures from me this time, been a busy week in RL.
I will do more for the next posts in the coming weeks!

See ya!

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