Iridescent Rainbows!

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This post is dedicated to my favourite blogger!!

I would to show you all  some of my favourite posts Kimbra did:

This post was published during christmas and it showing the special PolarBear Camera and CandyCane Elven Ears!
She Wear them so fine!!! *.*

This post instead was published around 2 weeks ago and it's definitly my favourite *.*
It showing my special BabyElven Ears Exclusive for the Snuggly Duckling Event and the super scented BlackyBoo Koky Necklace!! *.*
I so love Kimbra Style!

❤Thanx Kimbra!

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  1. ~KiSMeT~ says:

    <3 my wifey and she <3's your store so win!

  2. Bit says:

    Thanks to you Kimbra!❤

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