Crazy Sweater and Pocket Game

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Hello again!

It's Nadja here again and today I'm writing about two of the coolest stuff at CuteBytes ^^
Everything is cool at CuteBytes and I'm sure you'll love these two new creations!

The Crazy Sweater

This really cool sweater, available in 5 colors, is designed for tots and regular kids and can be personalized by accessorizing and printing!

You can find some premade prints and some toys for the pockets and the hood in the CuteBytes Mainstore or you can make your own personalized prints through GIMP or Photoshop! Just follow the instructions on the notecard~ ^^

  That simple! And really cool!

Pocket Game

Another cool gadget is the new Pocket Game that goes with The Crazy Sweater.
There's 7 colored games to choose from ^^

There are 2 Pocket Games included: one for your pocket, and one hand held. 

You can choose to wear just one piece: If you wear just the hand held Pocket Game, it will work as a typing gadget and animation; if you only wear the pocket component, it will be just an accessory on the pocket of your Crazy Sweater (may need a bit of editing).
When you wear both, the pocket part disappears when you type and it seems like you're really playing the game while typing! Really cool!

It is not required for you to wear the Crazy Sweater when using the Pocket Game. You can attach the Pocket Game pocket part (mouthful isn't it? LOL ^^) just anywhere you want or not at all.

Simple, fun, cool!

What are you waiting for? Come over to HulaBaloo and check 'em out!

That's it for me on this news!
Signing out! ^^

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