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    A Rigged Mesh Tiny body for your own SL head!
    With ToddleeDoo you can keep your personal sweet little nose, without give up the whim of a cute little tiny small avatar ^^
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Bit McMillan

------THE STORY.

Just a little while before Halloween, the shops and vendors all came together to create unique treats and surprises for all of the children who visit them.

Upon finding out about these treats, a group of four Grimmlies, tiny creatures who live beyond the mountains of HullaBaloo, traveled down to steal all of the prizes for themselves! The Grimmlies began work immediately, taking candy and hair bows and dresses and just about anything they could get their hands on and hiding them all over the sims to collect during the Halloween festivities, but...

Just a few days into their capers,one little Grimmlie, Griseldi Grimm, began to see how sad the shop keepers were as they discovered their treats were missing! Feeling awful for her part, Griseldi began seeking a child to help her return the stolen treats to the shops.

You are that child!

Help Griseldi restore Halloween by searching the locations to find clues!
Be nice with the characters you meet and they might help you to complete the mission!

Good Luck!

------HOW TO PLAY.

This is not an hunt: it is a quest to complete!
This is not intended to be easy or fast, so take your time (the game is running from 15th October to 9th November) to discover what to do and complete the mission.

Go to the Start Location ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/HullaBaloo/143/79/23 ) and touch the Screen Board.

Wear "The Map (HUD)" and start visiting the locations just touching the buildings on the map.
Don't worry, Griseldy is always with you: she is going to help you trough the Navigation Box in the bottom right of the HUD. Touch the Navigation Box to poke her to help you a little bit more.
Touch the objects to interact with them, always read the local chat or pay attention to PopUp dialogs.
Anything you discover or find will be noted on the HUD.

Your mission is enter the Treasure Location and open the Big Trunk!

Once you opened the Big Trunk you will be able to open any single designer small Trunk, save the Halloween fest and get rewarded!


. Minimize ("close") the HUD when you don't really need it. Keep your eyes open.

. Do not compulsively click everywhere: touch and read and take action patiently.
Sometime you just have to wait.

. Think. Play together with your friends may be easier and more fun.

. If crash hit you during the game you might loose something. Nothing to do, this is how SL works. Take your time and memory and go to regain what you've lost.

. Stay Updated:
Facebook Event Page

Good Luck and Happy Halloweeeen!



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Thank You all for being a part of this Game! <3

Bit McMillan

NEW Static Mesh Heads!

Detailed facial expressions for Babies!!!

These are modify but they comes with an HUD for an easy customizations:
Touch the alpha sections to enable or disable transparency (nape, ears and eyes).
If you own your skin or eyes textures in your inventory, drop them into the parts and then touch it to apply.
If you don't own your skin or eyes textures you can try to use any Skin applier for ToddleeDoo!

This is my first set of static facial poses: i will probably make more because i really enjoyed!

Available at WOODLAND TREASURES Gatcha Event!
65L$ per play.

12 Common: Steady, Dream, Amazed, Sleep, Yawn, Tongue, Happy, Silly, Sad, Cry, Kiss and Wink!
3 Rare: Pixie, Hobbit and Vampire!


One more version ONLY for Cute Byters!

A special Chubby face #BALLOON
on the RubyO'Rama board for 150 Rubies.


Bit McMillan

Ever want to throw a fit when people bump into you? Now you can! Only 90 rubies and this fun bumper is all yours. 

Super cute for Spring, a fun little chick onesie with matching shoes. Just 90 rubies! 
Hurry up and get them both before Bit changes them to something new!

Kaylee McMuffy Muffincakes

The super adorable Barbie Girl outfit is available right now as a RubyO'Rama prize at only 90 rubies! It comes with the onesie, shoes and a cute pair of heart sunglasses (not pictured here)

The Lovly skin is also out now for 120 rubies! It has options to have a cute little heart on your nose, forehead or just a plain clean face.

Hop on down and start collecting gems, don't let these two slip by!

Outfit:**Cute Bytes** BarbieGirl

Hair: [e] Victoria - Redheads

Skin:**Cute Bytes** Lovly

Eyes::*BABY*: SUPERBABY EYES {AnimeBlue}

Kaylee McMuffy Muffincakes

My snowy Umbrella is a nice and interactive accessory: 
it can be closed and hold on your hand or open and leaning on your shoulder.
It has an embedded Teleport effect and a snow particle with a cover effect on the top!
You can turn off or on all functions as you like, as long as resize it (so also grown avatars can wear it easily)

ONLY 55L$ for play!

10 COMMON: White, Blue, Sky, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple and Black
10 RARE: Panda, Bear, Piggy, Froggy, Kitty, Puppy, Chicken, SkyDome, Mushroom and Rainbow

ONLY for BEARS FOR LIL'WAT fundraising!

ONLY 150L$ - 100% to the benefit!

Bit McMillan