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YAY, we ready, and you??

We are organizing an event for children...

- Catwalk For Kids - The First
The event will be held on September 15
11am SL time
(Call your friends)

Hello , The Kids United Nations group are setting a kids fashion show, the first one in second life only for kids. This is a "non business event" which means you don't need pay for joing.
Its very easy: Just contact princessgirl Babii for receive a aplications form to be filled or join in "Kids United Nations" group and look in past notices for get it.
The reason for this event is to show all our talent to all Second life , in order to get opinions ideas  criticism or any other thing to make us improve more and more.
So check for the application soon!!

This event is free for all, and nonprofit
This event is designed for publication
To help new residents to know what is best in kids stores
and old residents to know what will have better

Dont be afraid to IM princessgirl Babii for questions,
issues, Opinions and ideas.
but, if you see her Offline, the best way is
Send her a Note Card, because her im's get capped often! (like all us -.-)


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