Hoopla Born!

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What's Hoopla?
Hoopla is a big project - an entire sim for kids
with great design and funny entertainments.
In Hoopla you can find:

Cute Bytes:
It's an old building. An old Toys Factory taken by Bit and restructure as a childish store.
Most of the factory feature works as the past, likes the bubble pipes and the wagons, and you can have fun with that.
is a famouse cottage on a famous Hill.
It's taken by Jayme and redesigned as a wonderful kids house, with many departements and a filled and huge attic where you can find all olds items.

Disco Club:
It's a super exclusive club, where we have great and funny parties, with any kind of funny themes.
the huge old record player turned into kids disco where u can dance the day away.
You can "rent" the club for your own parties and celebrations, or u can only hang out around there and listen to the wonderful radios.

It's the best place where to find your old friends and meets new ones.
You can play at games and earn tickets for gets prizes and giftcards.
If you not have enought lindins for play at games you can simply play to trivia for get free coins or test your lucky with the "Guess&Wind" or "Puzzle".

And more!
We have contest, rentals, a playground, a boat and mmany more funny pets and toys all around the land ^^

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