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When i not work (so really seldom -.-) i use to hang out to others store and check what it's done, for not have the way to do something similar other ones....
It's my own work policy, i hate feel my stuffs the second made.
Well, i feel really sad (and angry) when i found items ripped by me or ripped by others.
Today I found another land, completly "inspired" by Hoopla.
I not find that nice at all: me and jayme too works hard for get our own ideas and place it down...
it's completly bad from people grab our ideas and take it as their.
I would to let all know that i'll never support UNORIGINAL stuffs and peoples, and expecially i'll never buy all these EXPENSIVE (yeah -.- all i found it's also sooo more expensive then our one fortunately) STUFFS!
I'm sorry for the vent but i would let my customers know how I feel when that's happen 8(
But Thanku you all for teh support ^^

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