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On the White side of me:

Hairs: **Cute Bytes** Meby Hairs - Blondes (KidSync)
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Ariel Skin - Snow
Dress: **Cute Bytes** Cutie Patootie Dress
Nails: **Cute Bytes** Cute Nails - Kitty (KawaiiFair)*
Camera: **Cute Bytes** Cute Camera Kitty (KawaiiFair)
Watch: **Cute Bytes** Wrist Watch - Kitty (Gatcha@KawaiiFair)

On the Dark Side of me:

Hairs: **Cute Bytes** Sasa Hairs - Blacks (KawaiiFair)
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Belle Skin - Choco
Tongue: [RI] Tower Icecream Tounge (KawaiiFair)
Dress + Necklace: **Cute Bytes** DarkyBoo Outfit
Puppets: **Cute Bytes** SocksPuppets - Kitty (KawaiiFair)

* Introductory Offer at Cute Bytes! (99L$ just for this week)

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