In the Circus!

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I introduce you all the new pretty Group Reserved dress!!!

SomeWhere Under The Rainbow Dress!!

You can find it the group Reserved Blackboard!
and don't forget to get also the dollarbie "Confetty Thrower" that fit perfectly!
Also the new Group Gift wich is in Group Notices "Clown MiniHat".

So, What's all in the Snap?

Skin & Shape: *CB* Ariel Skin - Pale
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Loving Eyes -Black (past Gift)
MakeUp: *Cute Bytes** Clown MakeUp (not for sale)
Hairs: = Hal*Hina = [milk tea] Hair -priscilla-
Tongue: **Cute Bytes** Tongy
Nose: **Cute Bytes** Clown Nose (+ Walking Gesture)
Dress: **Cute Bytes** SomeWhere Under the Rainbow Dress
Hat:  **Cute Bytes** Clown MiniHat
Gloves: RACHELBREAKer - Bunnny Glovvies
Shoes: **Cute Bytes** Clown Shoes

For more details feel free to contact me.
If anything is not sold at the moment feel free to request me ;)

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