Spring Celebration!

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On this First Spring WeekEnd i prepared a special Dress wich will be sold for a limited time: for this weekend is just 120l$, but you will be able to get it also during the next week for 200l$! And then not anymore!
So Don't miss it cause it's so cute that i had to do a post about ^^
You can find it in the special sale board in the Hall...

All i Wearing is:

Hairs: **Cute Bytes** Mely Hairs - Nut (Coming Soon!)
Skin: *CB* Ariel Skin - Pale - Colorable EyeBrowss
Braces & Smile: **Cute BYtes** dental braces
Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears - SMART
Necklace: **Cute Bytes** Koky Necklace - Spring
Dress: Special Spring Dress!!
Shoes: **Cute Bytes** Spring DRess - Add-Ons!
Socks: Made by Myself, part or different outfits... o.O 
Toddler: Sweet Baby - Tiny Tot Girl 4.0 (Size 5)

Koky Necklace - Spring! 
This is a Shanty Doll Necklace that sometimes sprays out a puff of minty aroma! *.*You can find it free in Group Notices!

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