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Hi there!
I'm HullyBunny and I'm specialized in easter works!
I was ready to start the easter season but I lost everything 8(
I don't know how, >.> maybe this spiteful chicken did it <.<
Help me find everything I lost and I'll repay you with great prizes!

The List of the items i miss is:

2Kg of Chocolate
10 White Eggs
20 Acorns
5 Cans of Different Colors
2 Boxes of "Peeps"

Once you found them all, come back to me and show me what you found.
If you did a good job, I'll be really glad to give u this nice bag that the nice stores around here gave me.

Good Luck and Thanku soooo much *.*



How to play?

Go to HullyBunny and listen what he says to you.
The Silly HullyBunny Start Quest Location
Touch him and you will receive a hud with the list and this instruction note.
Wear the hud.
Now, you have to find all these items around the HullaBaloo sim:

2Kg of Chocolate
10 White Eggs
20 Acorns
5 Cans of Different Colors
2 Boxes of "Peeps"

You don't need to buy or pay for them. Only touch it, and if the count in your hud list increases, it means that you got it.
Make sure you are near the object to get it, unless you have HopHopGadget arms (and I think you have not, XP , so stay near the object to get it) If you are too far away you will not be able to recieve it.

Keep in mind that you can't pick up eggs unless you have a basket or you risk to break them, also you will need a bucket to get the  colors... you can't hold it in your hands! XD *giggles* You can find the baskets and buckets around the sim.

Once you completed the list a "DONE" stamp will appear on your hud: Come back to HullyBunny and touch your hud (better on the done mark ;) )
You will receive a prize from Many Different Stores!!
(Discover more about prizes here)

If you feel you really lost with some ingredients you can go to pYo, the spiteful friend of HullyBunny. He is a little gangsta chicken and he is near the HullyBunny.
Pay him 1L$ and then, choose the item you are interested to get a hint for.
He will will give you a clue as to where to find it ;)

Have  a ton of Fun and Happy Easter!

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  1. Alliakinz says:

    Alllsumm :D, Mwe will be ders

  2. OMG! This is sooo Awetome!!

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