Under Construction!

Posted by Adisen - -

The sim will be under construction soon.
If your wondering why,
It is because there will be some remodeling
done and I know we all love how
cool CuteBytes looks already.
I know when I first walked in there
I was like "!!! Awesome !!!"
But I'm sure Bit has something
even better up her sleeve!
Also, I know some are wondering
if the school will be
being built during the
construction. Apolgiies, but
they're not sure. The school is
a very big project, so be patient
:) Thanks, and if you have questions
feel free to comment! I shall answer.

It's not under construction
yet, actually theres a 50%
off sale until the constuction
begins. You may want to come
and get your shop on! Woo!

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