Did I lie?

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Well the day finally came!
CuteBytes opened back up and GOSH!
I was totally surprised by the outside,
but when I walk in, Two Greeters
(Shown in the picture)
Named Kristen Moleno and Nesha Adderstein
greeted me happily.
They're doing their job wonderfully...
While also fighting for the spot in the camera.

So what I wanna know is:

Did I?

Did I lie?

No, I dont think I did,
Nope, Nope, Nope!
"What you talking about Adisen?"
Well strange invisible person, Did I not say CuteBytes
would come back better than ever?
I did indeed, and it is sooooooo much better
than I'd been expecting.
The whole sim is FANTASTIC!
I give Bit a round of applause.
You did good! I love it!
Absoluteley love it.


Greeters, Greeting you delightfully and kindly, ready to help you at any moment.
Colors all around.
Greatness abound.
Products to be found.
The pink&purple tile is delightful
and the atmosphere is kind.
It was a great change.

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