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Bears for Lil'Wat is a benefit sale the income of which will be entirely and directly devolved to members of the St'at'imc Native people and supporting Sutikalh camp.

About Recipients:

Lil'Wat is the local name defining the southern St'at'imc: they have a beautiful traditional territory but most of them must live in poor living conditions in the reserve of Mount Currie, BC ( in the Interior British Columbia - Canada).
Some St'at'imc people are struggling to defend and respect traditional ways of life defending the land from the hungry eyes of development.
The camp of Sutikalh, meaning "home of the winter spirit", is a resistance camp built in 2000 against the proposed construction of a 1 billion dollars ski resort in the Melvin Creek Valley, in the very middle of the St'at'imc traditional territory, one of the last valleys untouched by the foreigners, used by Natives for hunting, picking, healing and spiritual purposes.
The camp is still alive and strong but some money are needed to get some food, but mainly to fix some infrastructural issues due to the almost 13 years of standing of the cabins in a place where the Winter goes really hardcore.
Sutikalh Blog
more info: FirstNations - SutikalhSutikalh - Resist

About the Sale:

The sale will take place from 1st December to 15th January. During this time, you can donate directly to the official "Bears for LilWat" tipjars, or buy special benefit products by your favourite stores (see list below).
The products have been themed as "Bears" because our friends are from the local traditional Bear clan.
There will be no third-party intermediary (an association or people): the income will be send directly from ME (Bit McMillan) to the Sutikalh PO box.
We do this to support what they do for the 7th generation and beyond.

Join the Fundraising:

If you are a contents creator or you want to make a donation box available at your store, business or land, you can receive a notecard inworld with all the informations and the objects you need. 
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Benefit Vendors List

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  1. With the money raised in "Bears for Lil'wat" our friends filled up a truck of wood for Sutikalh.
    Thanks everyone for your support and donation: there's a juicy update for you - your donations will be valued twice!
    Last February, I donated the money raised with the fundraising taking them directly from mine (I'm lazy :P), so I'm going to donate -again- all the money raised 'till today, and till 30th July!
    You can find the Donation Board (along info, tools and applications) down to my store at HullaBaloo!

    Thanx everyone for your bears :D

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