The Halloween Heist!

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Help Griseldi Grimmlies to save Halloween!!!
The Halloween Heist

"As this year begins to squeak towards its close
There comes a time dear to all children who know
And all over the child sim of Hullabaloo
The vendors have collected treats for each of you --

But four bad little Grimmlies, who wanted them all
Set a plan into action to ruin this fall!
"We'll take all the candy," "We'll hide all the treats!"
"We'll scare off the kiddies on HullaBaloo's streets!"

And so those four Grimmlies took off at a run,
To steal and to nomnom and to dash all the fun!
But one little Grimmlie -- well, she felt kinda bad!
She saw how the trouble made all the shops sad!

She waited till the bad little Grimmlies were through
And then made a hint card to hand out to you!
"We can both fix this if you follow my lead!
We'll find all the treats that the shop owners all need!"

And so you can help little Griseldi Grimm
By collecting the treats lost all over the sim
And when you've returned all the treats good as new
You'll collect lots of prizes saved up just for you!"

Just a little while before Halloween, the shops and vendors all came together to create unique treats and surprises for all of the children who visit them.

Upon finding out about these treats, a group of four Grimmlies, tiny creatures who live beyond the mountains of HullaBaloo, traveled down to steal all of the prizes for themselves! The Grimmlies began work immediately, taking candy and hair bows and dresses and just about anything they could get their hands on and hiding them all over the sim to collect during the Halloween festivities, but...

Just a few days into their capers,one little Grimmlie, Griseldi Grimm, began to see how sad the shop keepers were as they discovered their treats were missing! Feeling awful for her part, Griseldi began seeking a child to help her return the stolen treats to the shops.

You are that child!

Help Griseldi restore Halloween by searching the sim for lost and hidden treats. Each set of treats you collect will give you access to different thank you gifts at the stores!

Good Luck!

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