Hulla Balloo 2013

Posted by Bit McMillan - -

Since 2010, Me and Jayme are keep on do our best on this sim, in building and events.
This is the new look HullaBaloo has :)

Cute Bytes district is a Colorfull place down to the HullaBaloo Mountain.


In the middle you can find Cute Bytes Mainstore in a Blue and Pink building, with a lot of surprizes.

In Cute Bytes district @ HullaBaloo you can find a small market where many designers shows their creations.

Down to the street is where we have our events and games:  just in the middle of HullaBaloo town.

And in the other side of the Street we have the sparkling RazzBerry Inc!!

Come to visit Us @ HullaBaloo and discover it all with your own SlEyes

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