BerryPenny - 4th Edition - NEW LOOK

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BerryPenny is more then a hunt and more then a game! This game consist of finding and picking as more Berries as you can and then with Berries you will be able to "buy" everything in "Blender Vendors"! But be aware not to use the berries you don't know the power of! 


Go to BerryPenny Starting Point, and touch the basket.Wear the Basket and start to pick around all Berries you can.The Berries' plants are only in the street: in bushes or trees.
You have to stay really close to the berry to pick it or you can't reach it with your arms.
Also remember that you may have to move around a bush to be able to pick a berry through the branches, as long as you may have to fly to pick Berries on Trees (or touch the tree trunk to let all berries fall to the ground).
During the whole festival you can find also other objects which could be important for the game.

The berries you are looking for look exactly like this:

As this Berries are really precious, you can even pick some more if you have time and luck, then you can share them with your friends!
Touch your Basket and choose "Share". Then Choose a nearby avatar (yes, you have to stay near) and then choose a Berry to give, then compose your amount like you would do with a calculator and then "Confirm" and "Give"...
Touching your basket you will also have a count of all Berries you get right now.

Around Berry Fair, on designers carts, you can find many BerryPenny vendors (they look like colorful Blender Shaker: just be sure to be wearing your basket and touch them). Every BerryPenny vendor can be just paid or unlocked!
Yes you can get the prize simply "persuading" the vendor with a certain offer, but pay attention! If you act wrongly you can get sick.
Unlocking down a prize for unskilled BerryPickers can be dangerous!
This is why it is important to share each other the knowledge you've gained during Berry Picking into the berry festival group.

If you wrong your move on a PennyBerry vendor you will get sick:
Sick means you can't do purchases and you can't pick other Berries, till the sickness time expires, OR till you don't drink an Antidote!
You can find it around, or you can create it if you have enough berries.
If you don't, a friend can loan to you some, even while you are sick ;)

During the whole festival many more new BerryPenny Vendors, Berries Generators and other tools will come out!
Keep you Updated! 

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