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And Finally my first ToddleeDoo Review!
After more then a month, we had time to try it, hate it, love it, fix it, discover what's the limits and merits of this little body, and...
Collect a lot of really pretty clothes!

In this Group Photo we are 5 really different ToddleeDoodettes, very different from one another, but all ToddleeDoo!

From Left to right:


Body - **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.1.6
Shape - *oh Daisies* Keeley Shape (toddleedoo)
Skin - *oh Daisies* Lelai Skin (pale) -Blonde
Eyes - Negaposi Glass Eyes  Ghost
Hair - [e] Horizon - Blonde 05
Lashes - the kid company. lashes. natural.
Freckles - *Oh Daisies*  Light Freckles v2
Outfit - {BBT} Madeline in Doll
Glasses - [LW] SemiFrameless Glasses - Frosted Noir (mesh)
Shoes - *Aura's* Bejeweled Canvas Birgie For Toddleedoo/Yabu


Body - **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.1.6
Skin - Cute Bytes, Belle Skin
Shape - Miyo heaven's shape (modded)
eyes - Roly Poly - Glass eyes Olive
Hair - Truth, Velvet auburn
Outfit - Gigglebox, Jaden Blue
panda - D-lab, Panda head
Glasses - Psycho Byts, Geek glasses


Body - **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.1.6
Shape (Head) - Turducken Larissa (modded)
Skin - Mother Goose Yuri
Outfit - Oh Daisies Yaya Shorts
Hair - Truth Velvet
Lashes - Glow Clean Thick 4
Eyes - NP Dreaming Eyes Azure


Body - **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.1.6
Skin - **Cute Bytes** Alice Skin
Shape - **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo Shape (modded)
Tongue - **Cute Bytes** Tongy
eyes - **Cute Bytes** Lovin Eyes - Black
Hair - **Cute Bytes** Mely Hairs - Black
Outfit - {BBT} Mirabellah in black
Camera - **Cute Bytes** Cute Camera - Kitty
Watch - **Cute Bytes** Wrist Watch - Kitty
Glasses - **Cute Bytes** SunnyGlassy - HotPink


Body - **Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo v.1.6
Outfit - *Aura's* Baby Bug for Toddleedoo
Shoes - *Aura's* Lacey Baby Tennis Shoes for Toddleedoo
Hair - *D!va* Hair - Chihiro (Citrine)
Skin - *Oh Daisies* Emie Sugar
Eyes - Poetice Colors - Provence Sky

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