Perfect Valentines: Elven Ears Cupid

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Halloooooo~! ^^
It's Nadja here with news about the newest coolest stuff from your coolest shop: Cute Bytes!
*cue applause from the crowd*

*ehem, ehem*
There's only a few days before Valentines
So are ya'll ready with the cutest accessories to show your lovey-dovey Valentine spirit?
If not.. 
THIS Elven Ears is just the thing to complete your PERFECT Valentines look!

And the good news?

*drumroll, announcing trumpets*

It's for babies and grownys!!

*cheers from the masses "Hurrah!"*

Baby Elven Ears Cupid

For this demonstration, I have dyed my hair black to be able to show ya'll clearer the ears ^^
That's how much I love ya'll <3

This Baby Elven Ears Cupid were designed for kids, which have not fully grown their ears yet.
There are 2 versions: the upper row is the version with winged heart piercing; the lower row shows the one with dart piercing. The perfect accessory to show your Valentine love <3 ^^

Growny Elven Ears Cupid

To preview the Growny Elven Cupid Ears
I will take a grown-up potion!
*gulp, gulp*

Just like the Baby Elven Ears, there are 2 versions: the winged heart piercing and the cupid dart piercing as shown on the pictures above.

Both ears are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! Just read the instructions, add the Color Change HUD to match your skin and pick your accessory for the ears, and voila!

(Each package includes 2 pairs of ears and a Color Change HUD, as well as notecard of instructions so as long as you can read and follow it, it's a piece of cake, er ear.. eh.. nevermind >_<)

So come on down to Hullabaloo and get your Perfect Valentines accessories starting with 
Elven Ears Cupid!

And if you want any other style of ears, just get a taxi in store and go to "Old&Sales" for more choices! (well actually all the ears, as well as the Elven Ears Cupid are together in one stall so you can choose easily ^^)

See ya there!

Now to find the antidote to that grown up potion...

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