Whats Up at Cute Bytes Right Now?

Posted by Adisen - -

Have you seen the Wuby hair?
It's a cute short updo.
Just like all the other hairs,
It comes in a variety of colors
in world. Only 100L.
Get it while its in style!

Also, On the MM Boards,
We have Growny Elven Ears [needs 75]
and Brown Mimi Hair! [needs 75]
Come on in and slap the boards.

While your here why not pay the prize bomb
the low cost of 30L
7 people get a prize!
It's armed with 45 main prizes, 41 common prizes, 19 rare prizes and 21 super-rare prizes!
You might get lucky!

I hope to see you there!
•Miss Blogger Logging Off•

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